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I started playing in bands and writing songs at the tender age of 9 with my first band Toe Jam who beat out a young Carly Rae Jepson with our smash hit ‘Quarter Pounder with Cheese’ at the Hatzic Elementary School talent show. True story. Who’s laughing now?

I’d go on to form other bands with equally ridiculous names and record punk demos in a suburban basement on a $500 Yamaha MD8. We’d burn a bunch of copies and sell them at our sweaty gigs around British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

At 18, I moved to Montreal, QC and studied jazz guitar, composition and harmony while holding down several resident DJ gigs at a few clubs. My default assumption was that I’d someday make it as one of those Rufus Wainwright types performing sardonic cabaret pop. But after some vocal trauma that resulted in surgery, I turned to production. Thank gord.

Over the years I‘d frequently find myself rummaging through resources on sync licensing, music supervision and picking apart the surprisingly impressive music I had discovered in media. I’d scour endlessly through AllMusic to research the writers, producers and engineers behind any music that would make me feel small.

So in June of 2019, I moved to Toronto to develop relationships with ad agencies, music houses, publishers, supervisors and career songwriters.


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for artists

TOM BOY – Thunder

Credits: Co-writing, recording, all instruments, production, mix.

Baby Grand – Any Good Fool

Credits: Guitars, keys, production, mix.

original releases

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